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Course of Action

Feb 9, 2018

Marshall Morris is the COO of Homelife Media, a media company that went from owning a single site about dogs to one of the biggest brands in the pet industry in three years with over 17 million followers online. This episode explores how listening to their audience has (literally) changed how they do business. Marshall shares practical strategies to apply the lessons they've learned to your business. 


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • From a company that’s spent over $11 million on Facebook in last 3.5 yrs and the insights they’ve learned that you can apply to your business.  
  • Why they’re doing the opposite of everyone else and moving from online to retail and how customer feedback has played a huge role it that process.
  • What it means to truly care for your customers and a few strategies to implement customer care at scale for your business.